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    tools for fields

    Because it is important that each seed sown by the farmer succeeds in germinating and becoming a vigorous plant with optimal yield, we believe that preserving the quality of the seeds marketed and understanding the environment in which they will be sown are the first steps towards a satisfactory result.

    « Acting for quality in the field »

    Kits de germination

    Our germination kits

    Why test germination in the field? When a seed lot is distributed, it meets the various standards defined by national laws and international seed trade schemes. In stores, seeds may not be stored under optimal conditions (prolonged exposure of containers to a source of moisture and/or heat). These poor storage conditions are responsible for premature deterioration in seed quality. In order to guarantee high-performance seeds to the end user, i. e. the farmer, it is essential to test the quality of the lots again before marketing them. 

    In this context, SeedLab offers tools to ensure seed quality throughout the supply and marketing chain: germination kits.

    • The range is composed of 3 germination kits, to be chosen according to the size and shape of the seeds to be tested.
    • Ready to use, these kits contain the protocols, blotting papers, technical sheets for the evaluation of seedlings and allow 4 tests to be carried out.
    Kits d'analyse

    Our soil analysis kits

    Soil management is an essential component of food security, agricultural sector growth and sustainable land management in sub-Saharan Africa. The soils of Africa are very diverse and their analysis is an essential tool to know and manage their fertility. Farmers must be supported to access the right nutrients, strike a balance between increasing productivity and reducing costs and environmental impacts.

    *Complete set for 4 tests / kitOur passion for quality does not stop at the seed, we are also interested in the environmental conditions in which the seeds will be used. We wanted to make soil testing more accessible and faster in order to meet the crop land management challenges facing African farmers. Through the Novalliance Group’s network of development teams, SeedLab offers 2 tools to quickly assess soil composition and potential.

    Support tools also complete the kit:

    A mobile application for managing and interpreting the results of the analysis

    Fiche Seedlab

    A complete file for analysts and a summary file for the farmer

    Thanks to this pack, the field teams can offer precise and customized advice to each farmer.