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Seed testing

Seed Quality Testing is our main activity. Our customers are the various companies of the Novalliance Group. We work on more than 60 vegetable and floral species. Our team tests the different criteria of seed quality: germination capacity, moisture, varietal conformity, purity and seed health. We use ISTA protocols and also develop internal protocols adapted to African and Tropical species.

As a laboratory involved in the various area of seed science and technology, SeedLab continuously improves its quality management system to meet the evolving needs of its African customers, conducts research to develop better test methods and conducts field workshops to share its passion for quality seeds.c

2017 Key figures

Analyses laboratoires


Contrôles variétaux au champ887
varietal verification
in field

Marquage moleculaire151
varietal verification
with molecular marking

Tests d'humidité1850
moisture tests

Tests de germination3500

Top 3
Most tested species
in germination

Tomato: 19%
Lettuce: 10%
Pepper: 10%

Tests de faculté germinative

Germination tests

  • 3500 to 4000 germination tests / year
  • Compliance with ISTA protocols
  • Development of customized protocols adapted to the particularities of tropical species

Our seed analyst team is specialized in the evaluation of the different seed lots, each seedling is observed and noted, in order to evaluate its potential as accurately as possible. Germination tests are used for labelling purposes and give an idea of emergence in the field under favorable conditions. A minimum of 400 seeds is required for an official test. Tests can be performed on top of paper, folded or rolled blotting paper, but also on soil substrate. The duration of an assay is determined by the ISTA rules, it varies on average from 6 to 21 days depending on the species and may be shortened if our analyst considers that the maximum germination has been reached or lengthened if he considers that the seeds still have potential.

Tests de faculté germinative

Varietal verification

« A powerful network of stations »

Ensuring perfect varietal conformity (identity and purity) of commercial lots is the second essential quality requirement for our customers. SeedLab coordinates a network of stations for varietal testing in micro-plots in different areas:

  • Senegal, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, France
  • 5 specialized teams in varietal conformity verification
  • Our unique African network offers us a great diversity (climate, soil, pest pressure…) allowing a continuous activity over the year, according to the the desired criteria and the characteristics of the evaluated variety.
Tests de faculté germinative

Molecular marking

In addition to field tests, varietal identity and purity testing assisted by molecular markers is also a technology increasingly used by the laboratory. To this end, SeedLab has established collaborations with specialized external service providers.

Development of innovative tests for variety identity and purity testing:

Our team is working on the development of new, rapid and innovative tests adapted to the phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of our customers’ varieties. These are trials in which the seedlings are grown in our growing chamber, using specific technical processes, until they develop the characteristics that allow them to be differentiated. This is applicable to a wide range of species, in addition to grow-out in Africa.

Tests innovants Seedlab